My name is Erzy and I'm an Altoholic...

Hi, my name is Erzy and I'm an altoholic. Not only do I have numerous alts that I play, but I also have two bank alts. Each bank alt even has her own guild vault to store items in (ok, so I share them with Sabi, but I'm the one moving stuff in and out on a regular basis, he just benefits from all my work).

Have you ever been playing on one alt when a guild mate asks you to link the crafting book of another? Have you ever spent 20 minutes hopping from alt to alt looking for that one more eternal fire you know you have but just can't find? Ever wonder if that BOE is an upgrade for an alt? I used to have to hop from one toon to another far too often just looking for basic information. Then I found Altoholic.

My consumable crafter, Leonette, checking the buff food stockpile in one of my guild vaults using Altoholic. (Click the screenshots to see them larger)

This addon collects useful information for each of your alts and makes it accessible from any toon at any time. All you have to do is download and install it. Log on to each alt and open crafting books, banks and guild vaults. It scans them all and collects the information automatically. From then on, you can just open the Altoholic window (either through a minimap launcher or through a LibDataBroker plug-in which is included in the addon...wohoo) and look at the skills, bags, banks, gear and more for each character. Everytime you go to your guild vault, tradeskill book and so on, Altoholic updates its information. The next time someone asks for your jewel crafting link when you're out doing dailies on your alchemist, you just open Altoholic, select the correct alt from the list and voila, you are able to link an up-to-date jewel crafting book without having to stop questing and log over.

Leonette linking Erzbet's jewel crafting to the /s chat channel.

It just keeps getting better from there. Altoholic can communicate with other guild members who are using it. The benefit of that is you no longer have to ask for links to people's tradeskill books if they are also using Altoholic. You just click the guild members tab, scroll down the list and find the book you want. It will also update the guild vault information based on other guild members' data keeping the information even more accurate and up-to-date.

Leonette is looking through Moonshine's enchanting book while Moonshine is offline thanks to Altoholic.

There is so much more that this addon tracks for you so read the "features" section on the Curse page linked above for a more detailed list. If you're sick and tired of all the toon hopping, get Altoholic and give it a try.