Collect Me (come on, it's the name of the addon!)

For anyone who collects companion pets and wants an easy way to show them off without any extra thought or effort, Collect Me is a handy addon. It gives you several ways to summon a companion. You can opt to have a button on your screen that you can click to summon a random pet. If you have an already full UI, you can choose to have Collect Me automatically summon a pet when you begin to move forward. With this option, you'll never be caught without one of your companions. Even better yet, you can set it to not summon certain pets at all or to summon some pets more often than others.

Here you can see the sliders to adjust the randomization for each companion pet.

The addon will also make a list of companions you don't have yet. You can mouse over any pet on the list and it will show you where the pet can be obtained. It can also generate a similar listing to help in collecting mounts. You can apply filters to these lists that will remove pets/mounts that are no longer attainable or attainable through certain means such as the card game codes. You can also remove individual pets from the list if you don't want them for one reason or another.

The Collect Me button in the bottom right of your normal companion tab. Here you can see the listing of needed pets.

That's it for this entry, a simple post for a simple but handy addon.